Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: Why I can't create/signup for an account on the main page?
A: Don't have to. Your account will be created AUTOMATICALLY once you have made an order/preorder with us.

Q: Is shipping FREE worldwide?
A: Yes

Q: Is there any country that you don't ship to?
A: We do NOT ship to countries that we already have our global partners. In avoiding any conflict of interest, we strongly advise our clients to made the purchase directly from our global partners. This is to ensure a seamless order delivery and great service experience to our clients.

Q: Where can I see the list of your global partners?
A: You can see our global partners list here.

Q: Do I get the tracking number for my shipment?
A: Yes, you will be giving the tracking number once shipment is made.

Q: What is the return policy?
A: 7 days return policy.

Q: Do I have to bear the return shipment charges?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there any quality check on the item prior to shipment?
A: Yes. We will open the box to check for missing contents. However, for mint pack, it will remain sealed.

Return Policy

Q: On what conditions can I request for refund?
A: Refund is ONLY applicable to :
i) When item is in stock, but we are not able to fulfill the quantity preordered by client.
ii) If an item received is broken, has manufacturing defect or missing parts within 7 days after client has received the item.
iii) Product cancellation.

Q: If I would like to have new replacement for the defect item, do I need to bear the shipping cost?
A: Yes.

Q: How long would a replacement take?
A: It depends on the replacement item availability from factory. It could be as fast as few days to as late as few months.

Q: What is the JX Points?
A: Every items that you ordered from, you will be rewarded with JX Points. The quantity of JX Points correspond to the total price of an order.

Q: What can I do with it?
A: It can be redeeemed and deducted from the total amount (USD) of an order at the check out page.

Q: If an item has 100 JX Point, and I want to order it, can I use the 100 JX Point straight away on this order?
A: You can't. You can only use it for the NEXT order.

Q: How much 100 JX Point translate to USD?
A: 100 JX Point is equavalent to USD1.00.

Q: When would the JX Point credited to my account?
A: The JX Point will only be credited to your account upon FULL payment.

Q: Does it has expiry date?
A: No. That's the best part of it :)

Q: How do I get the extra 1x JX Point?
A: Just make a full payment during the preorder period.

Q: Is it only applicable for preorder? How about in-stock item?
A: Yes, it is ONLY applicable for preorder. It is NOT applicable for in-stock item

Q: How does it work?
A: Eg: An preorder item is USD100 with 100 JX Point.
If you make full payment during the preorder period, you will get:
100 (from the item) + 100 (1x extra for full payment during preorder) JX Point = 200 JX Point (total)

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