This Penang Toy Biz Expanded to Self-Designed Figurines

What set designer toys apart from mainstream collectibles were their unique designs and limited releases, making collecting them a distinctive and fulfilling experience,

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Action Figures Challenge

It's not enough to have a wonderful story, but these guys need to crack their brains to design a flesh and blood characters from the story into an action figure

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Paid To Play | Design Conversation | Equator College

Ethan Tang, Aaron Leow & Jang will share with us on how they found their true calling in the industry. Each with their own platform that all Collectors, Artists & Designers will think alike.

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Meet this Penangite who’s making money from action figures

Having been inspired by action figures like the Power Ranger, Transformers, Centurion, M.A.S.K, Starcom, Macross, Ultraman, Thundercats, Silverhawk, Voltron and Ninja Turtles from a young age, Ethan Tang is now making a livelihood from his hobby.

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Exclu Design Collective Issue #4

In this issue, our founder Ethan will share his journey, inspiration, goal as well as our thought in both toy industry and toy photography culture.

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BFM 89.9 The Business Station - Jackal of the Night

Toy collecting for adults is big business these days. With prices and values of collectible toys reaching dizzying heights online, it has somehow justified the fanaticism of adults who found it hard to grow out of their awesome childhood.

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The Edge TV - UPSTART: Not just child's play

Meet the two childhood friends who quit their jobs and mortgaged their homes to create Malaysia's first action figure line.

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STGCC 2017 Coverage

Thanks to Awesome Toys crew for the coverage.

Malay Mail Online - Meet the Guys Behind JackalX, Malaysia’s First Action Figure Line

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 22 — Are you one of those people who thinks only kids collect action figures?

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New Straits Times - Action Station

And thanks to that “important“ lesson, Ethan Tang and I managed to get off on the right foot during our interview.

"Most people will raise their eyebrows too when I tell them my hobby,“ he says, chuckling, after I recounted my experience with my action figure-collector friend. This affable Penangite is the founder of ToyPanic...

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