Ancient Astronaut

"Ancient astronaut (also known as ancient alien) is a pseudoscientific concept based on the belief that intelligent extraterrestrial beings visited Earth and made contact with humans in antiquity and prehistoric times. Proponents suggest that this contact influenced the development of modern cultures, technologies, and religions.

A common claim is that deities from most, if not all, religions are actually extraterrestrial in origin, and that advanced technologies brought to Earth by ancient astronauts were interpreted as evidence of divine status by early humans." - Wikipedia

The Signs

The idea that ancient astronauts actually existed is not taken seriously by the academics, and has received zero credible attention in peer reviewed studies. Ancient astronauts have been widely used as a plot device in science fiction.

However, it is undeniable that it is becoming apparent that the “miracles” and other seemingly supernatural events reported in ancient texts, the megalithic constructions, and the enigmatic lines and artwork over the Earth, resulted from an advanced technology which was incomprehensible and indescribable by the ancient human observers.

Humans are just too ignorant to see them.

Prologue (1943 A.D)

During the fourth year of WWII, on 24 July 1943, as the Allies continued their campaign of air raids on Hamburg, Germany, the historical event that transacted next would alter the world history. Germany would never be defeated, atomic bombs would not be dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, there would be no Korean or Vietnam War and the religious extremists we know today would not exist.

We Are Not Alone (1943 A.D)

One of the most popular questions “Are we alone (the only one) in the universe?” was finally answered. We were not prepared for it. The first alien spacecraft was spotted at Royal Air Force Marham, England at 7.05pm, 26 July 1943.

Within the next 12 hours, these spacecraft appeared at all major air force bases around the world.

The Six Days War (1943 A.D)

The first global simultaneous attack was commenced at 9am, 28 July 1943.

We fought hard, but without the air power superiority there was no chance against the alien spacecraft.

We lost our earth on 1 August 1943.

No major cities were destroyed.

The aliens have a systematic domination strategy; eliminate the earth military threat, get the world leaders to be submissive and keep humans alive as many as possible...with a reason.

Nano Pathogen

The aliens were technologically advanced species that thrived on the nano pathogens in their biological system. Even though these pathogens eliminated their host's breeding capability, it gave the host these advances as follows:

i. Nerve-like capability to control metal properties such as conductivity, ductility, chemical composition, and ferromagnetism.

ii. Enhancement in immunity and self-sufficient. In other words, they do not need food and water to survive. However, the nano pathogens couldn't stop the cell aging process of its host.

There was no information on how the aliens were infected. As advocated in the early theory, it was believed that the advancement of the aliens could be due to their own technology experiment back in their home planet. Another famous theory brought up by Professor Fred Malcolm (1878 - 1960), suggested that these pathogens were transmitted via their encounter with other alien beings.

Humancide Period (1-3 A.W / 1944-1946 A.D)

After the Six-Day War, we thought that the aliens were after our earth’s natural resources. How wrong we were. They didn’t need it as they were already a self-sufficient species, but they needed us...the humans.

As time passed, mature aliens would die due to the aging of their anatomy. Since the aliens couldn’t reproduce, it was just a matter of time before they met their own extinction.

Our female anatomy was a perfect surrogate host for the aliens. At first, half of world population of teenagers to adult women were abducted and farmed. The lucky ones were left back on earth to continue breeding with their male counterparts to produce endless supplies of surrogate host to the aliens.

Dark Period (4-27 A.W / 1947-1970 A.D)

Gradually we played the hand we were dealt, and we played it with the best of our ability. The rest was irrelevant. Illegal syndicates thrived in providing female hosts to the aliens.

From kidnapping to abduction, baby productions to care centres; female humans are now “factories” grown to be traded.

It was a lucrative business.

Worst, due to one’s greed for power and survivability we started to co-operate with the aliens to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted “supplies” in return of autonomous territories and zones.

Nano Pathogen 2.0

The nano pathogen had grown into a network of great symbiosis with the aliens, possibly through the centuries of evolution.

As it infected the aliens, inevitably it could have infected human too.

The contraction of the pathogen was mainly traced back to close encounter with the aliens during the Six-Day War.

Those who were infected, 99.98 % of them didn’t survive.

The survivals became the carrier without realizing it. Their babies either ended up as stillbirth or were born with genetic disorder.

However, there were a few exceptions...

Humanoid (20 A.W / 1963 A.D)

The first case was recorded on 10 September 20 A.W. A young 18 years old drunk was arrested for killing his girlfriend after having a quarrel at a 24-hour convenience store. He was brought to the local authority and detained overnight. Even though the CCTV footage was never found, according to eyewitnesses and history archives, the detainee appeared to be under a tremendous stress during the interrogation after realizing his girlfriend was dead. Out of the blue, high pitch sound was heard and tingling air vibration was felt.

Next, a ray of bright light was seen and a loud explosion was heard. What transcended next was a gruesome and horrifying sight.

Shrapnel was found everywhere in the room and it had destroyed everything within its blast range. It killed 4 and injured more than 10 nearby personnel. The bodies of the interrogator and the detainee were never found. It was believed to be disintegrated in the explosion. In the investigation report, the shrapnel was traced back to the table and chair used by the detainee. Both were made of metal.

We found our first humanoid.

The Human Resistance Force (HRF)

After the Six-Day War, all surviving military units were forced to go underground. As the world communication was destroyed and being controlled by the aliens, the primitive Morse Code was used as the source of communication to connect with the rest of the military units around the globe.

They called themselves the Human Resistance Force (HRF).

HRF realized that, without the technology advantage they would not be able to defeat the aliens. They remained dormant for decades, while continued recruiting new batches of soldier. At the same time, the volunteer scientists risked their lives doing research, recovering alien technology and rebuilding new weapon system.

Humanoid Period (24-28 A.W / 1967-1971 A.D)

This was one of the defining moments in human history.

HRF saw the opportunity in the rising cases of humanoid and decided to take matters into their own hands.

They secretly recruited and trained the humanoids around the globe, horning their special abilities and military skills.

At the end of the fifth year, an estimate of 5000 humanoids was in the HRF.

They had been working silently and patiently throughout the years and were just waiting for the right timing to strike.

The X-War (Elimination) (28-38 A.W / 1971-1981 A.D)

"Only our collective faith in freedom can let us free" - Commander Edward Spass

Led by Commander Edward Spass, also a humanoid himself, the first worldwide coordinated offense was launched on 17 July 28 A.W. The aliens were taken by surprise. As a result, almost 70% of the aliens force was eliminated in the first 3 days.

The following 10 years of the war, was filled with smaller scale battles and skirmishes around the globe. The humanoids brought the aliens to the even playing field with the humans.

The great leadership of Commander Edward inspired us to rise and fight, and fight we did, with valor and bravery.

Victory is Ours (38 A.W / 1981 A.D)

Finally, we won the war. The aliens suffered from massive losses to an almost total elimination. In the end, the aliens surrendered. The Kirovsky Treaty was signed and the aliens were allowed to leave earth and never returned. True to our words, their last spacecraft was shot down as it left in our stratosphere.

On 31 August 30 A.W, the earth was liberated but with a great cost. X-War was the deadliest military conflict in history in absolute terms of total dead. Over 3 billion people were killed, which was about 30% of the world population (10 billion). Total civilians killed were between 2.5 - 2.8 billion, including 1 - 1.8 billion suffering from war-related diseases and famine. Total military deaths: 200 to 250 million.

Commander Edward was killed at the 11th hour of the war, sacrificing himself to save his last battalions that paved the way in winning the war.

Rebuild Period (1-7 A.X / 1982-1988 A.D)

This was also known as the Peace Period. Humans and humanoids worked hand in hand, rebuilding their lives and cities from the ashes of destruction. Even though there were a few minor civil wars which were due to territorial disputes, leaders were elected, governments were formed and new country borders were drawn.

A new chapter in our civilization had started.

Chancellor Henrik Kaiser

A humanoid himself, he was the best protégé of Commander Edward. After Commander Edward was killed, he led the famous Stalingrad Charge which paved the final battle of winning the X-War. Humanoids and humans alike looked up upon him as their war hero and earth’s savior.

He was appointed as the chancellor in Sector 13 (Old Germany) and enjoyed a landslide victory. He was also the 1st and only humanoid chancellor in the world.

The Great Exodus (8-10 A.X / 1989-1991 A.D)

Once regarded as super-human, humanoids were systematically discriminated by humans. They were outcast among their human brethren. Gradually, they were feared. This had triggered a massive migration (“exodus” as some historians would call it this way) to the only safe haven for humanoids, Sector 13. By the end of 10 A.X, there was an estimate of 130,000 humanoids living in Sector 13, a mere 0.002% of world population.

The Great Walls (11-15 A.X / 1992-1996 A.D)

Feeling betrayed by their own brethren, Chancellor Henrik built a 30 m high and 6146 km stretch of Great Wall along Sector 13 borders and coastlines, shutting out the humanoids from the outside world.

They just wanted to be left alone, rebuilding their so-called home.

Catalysts of X2-War

The reason why the war erupted was actually much more complicated than a simple list of causes.

While there was a chain of events that directly led to the fighting, the actual root causes were much deeper and parts of continued debate and discussion.

#1. Arm Race

First and foremost, as the world entered post X-War phase, the arms race begun. During 5 A.X, Sector 13 under the great leadership of Chancellor Henrik had the largest increase in military establishment. Sector 5 (Old Great Britain) and Sector 13 both greatly increased their Navy during this time. Furthermore, in Sector 13 and Sector 9 (Old France), the military establishment began to have greater influence on public policies. This build-up in military forces drove these Sectors one step closer to the war.

#2. Imperialism

Second factor was due to the imperialism of Sector 13 in increasing their power and wealth by having additional territories under their control.

After the X-War, the aliens left huge supplies of raw earth materials and their military bases all around the globe. The biggest one was in Sector 3 (Old Lithuania).

The increased competition and greed for greater resources led to an increase in confrontation, coupled by the embargo forced upon by the human Sectors to cut down Sector 13 advances in weapons and technology, which had eventually propelled the world into X2-War.

#3. Failed Assassination

The last immediate factor was caused by the failed assassination of Chancellor Henrik by his own trusted human friend, General Franz Ferdinand. This further reinforced the belief that there could never be a co-existence between human and humanoid. If the humanoids wanted to survive, they had to rule the world.

Chancellor Henrik pulled the 1st trigger. Sector 13 launched 8 nuclear warheads on 6 June 15 A.X.

The X2-War (15-30 A.X / 1996-2011 A.D)

X2-War occurred from 6 June 15 A.X to 29 October 30 A.X. Over 1.7 billion people had been killed in the war including 100,000 humanoids or more.

All human Sectors were crushed by Commander Henrik’s military might, and a humanoid leader is installed in each of 76 sectors. Any form of suspected resistance from the humans was exterminated. Human was deemed a weaker species and they were enslaved and forced into hard labors. A systematic human genocide was carried out in reducing human population, to be replaced by a new superior species.

A new dawn of humanoid history began.

Human Resistance Force 2 (HRF2) (9 A.X2 / 2020 A.D)

HRF2 was formed nine years after the X2 war (9 A.X2). It was the biggest resistance force since X-War. It consisted of human rebels from all 76 sectors, fighting the humanoids at each sectors with the final destination to defeat Sector 13.

Sacrifices were made. Hope of one day, humans can be freed from the slavery.

Hope - the only thing which is worth fighting for and these are their stories.

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