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Tech Specialist Trevor Knights & Ally

42 years old 

Riverton, Sector 45 (Old Wyoming)

Military Experience:
Trevor has served 18 years under the EED (Engineering Espionage Division). He started off as a young technician under the supervision of Commander Zack Zackerman with the main focus of his training and service on assisting the reconnaissance team in locating enemy positions and obtaining strategic information on the enemy. He was eventually promoted to the WED (Weapon and Engineering Division) as their Division Chief to oversee the overall research and design of new equipment & weaponry. A technical genius himself, Trevor has personally invested himself in the spearheading of robotics into the HRF’s weapons development, leveling the playing field by matching the HRF’s military capability with the Humanoids.
Trevor volunteered to serve on the battlefield after the tragic death of his only daughter. Trevor truly believes that he is able to contribute vastly to any HRF squad in infiltrating the enemy’s highest levels of security on site. He has proven invaluable in numerous successful covert operations such as high value asset retrieval, stealing hi-tech information and deep reconnaissance missions.
Trevor travels with his beloved 1st generation ATLAS (Autonomous.Tracker.Locator.Attacker.Sapien) which he has affectionately named as Ally. It is an autonomous 4-legged robotic machine with a built-in AI and heavy assault capabilities.
Even though the HRF has already begun mass production of 3rd generation ATLAS, Trevor would not budge in upgrading or trading in Ally for another model. His unwavering devotion to his robotic partner and their flawless synchronization during battle often baffles those around them.
Such a connection between an AI-driven ATLAS and a human partner has been unprecedented in the history of the military’s ATLAS project since its inception and that connection has yet to be reproduced so far.
The connection between Trevor & Ally could almost be described as…family.
Robotic engineering and artificial intelligence (AI) programming.

Divorced with a daughter (deceased). 

It was Valentine's Day. If not for that, the date itself would probably escape Trevor’s memory. On that fateful day, the call had come from the hospital around midnight and it shattered Trevor’s world. The thing he cherished most in the world, his only daughter, was dying. The doctors have done their best but there was nothing more they could do but ease her suffering. His daughter’s organs had been failing systematically at a terrifying rate. First her lungs began to slowly collapse, followed by her kidneys. Finally her heart showed signs of cardiac arrest. From that point, the end was inevitable.
The whole ordeal unraveled in the space of only 2 days. It started when Trevor received an encrypted message from his daughter that she was not feeling well and that she would seek medical leave from her school. She had told him not to worry, as it was most probably just a small migraine, resulting from the late nights she stayed up to work on her AI programming. She seemed both content and elated at the same time as she informed him that she had finally completed the last piece of the AI code she had been promising him since the summer before. She had uploaded the finished AI code to one of the secure servers at WED (Weapon and Engineering Division).
The nano-pathogens in her body were spreading fast. The last incident of the nano-pathogen outbreak was during the Dark Period. Just as today, there was no cure back then for this lethal infection. Once infected it was only the matter of time before her organs stopped functioning one after another.
On that day, Trevor was with his newly formed squad on their first mission. He could not abort the mission and the earliest he could reach back home was at least 7 days away. He had no choice but to shut his daughter’s image out of his mind, focusing on the mission and praying for a miracle.
But there were no miracles after the Six Day War. It was as if God had stopped answering prayers from the moment the alien invaders had set their feet on Earth.
Trevor returned home to find nothing left of his daughter had remained. The hospital, unprepared to take any risk of spreading the nano-pathogen, immediately had her body and all her belongings incinerated the moment after she took her last breath. There was no trace of his beloved daughter left to help him ease his grief.
Or so he had thought.

As she faced her inevitable end, she had recorded a final message to him and programmed it to be sent to his personal communicator the day he would arrive home. In the message, she told him that she was proud to have such a caring and brilliant father. She had always looked up to him as her pillar of strength and would continue to do so wherever she would find herself when she was gone. At the end of the message, she apologized for taking such a long time to complete the development of her AI code and told him to check it out on the WED servers, hoping he would be proud of her.
“Remember our promise last summer, Dad? A promise is a promise. I am and I will always be watching over you, Dad. Love you.”
A small beep marked the end of the audio recording. Trevor wiped away the tears forming in his eyes. He did not have the luxury of time for grieving. He decided to stay strong and continue to push forward, as his daughter would have wanted.
Back in the WED (Weapon and Engineering Division), Trevor downloaded his daughter’s AI code and marveled at the complexity of her work before installing it into a prototype for the HRF’s 1st generation ATLAS. As the installation reached 100%, a password screen popped up. Trevor closed his eyes, took a deep breath and keyed in:
An audio clip of an audience clapping sounded out as the password prompt switched to the welcome screen. The first thing he noticed was that the background of the welcome screen cycling through pictures of baby Ally all the way up to her high school graduation photo with her proud father smiling from ear to ear. In the middle of the screen, a message box popped up:
“Hi, Dad. Now you can bring me with you anywhere you go. You have been my guardian angel long enough, let me be yours now. Do you accept it?” [OK][CANCEL]
Trevor felt his lips curl into a self-satisfied smirk.
“Well played, Ally,” Trevor whispered to himself, brimming with pride.
Without hesitation, he hit [OK].

Special features of the 1/6th scale Ally Collectible Figure:
- Body with over 22 points of articulations
- Approximately 13 cm in height and 12.5 cm in length

- One (1) UMX-09 high precision grenade launcher

Retail Price: USD98

*Prototype shown, final product may be slightly different
*Product details are subject to change without further notice

Assemble Guide: No assembly required.

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